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What drives us

At Datastreams we are driven by a collective belief that what we do matters and will make a difference. Because of this, we dare to dream and discover, always in search of something new and exciting. We change and transform the world around us by pushing things forward and getting things done. We create and disrupt, striving for better instead of more. To maintain our ambition, we invite everyone to join our team and to contribute to today’s smartest and most trusted digital data solutions.

In the end, our ultimate goal and the "why" of our company, is making the World Wide Web a more safe and transparant place for everybody. 

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Sales Consultant - Data
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Our company culture

Even though we have been active in the world of data for over 15 years, Datastreams is something totally new. Something that requires a completely new team and culture. We just started building and we can not wait to turn our question marks and blank pictures into some familiar faces, celebration pictures and a smashing office location.

Enabling organisations to share data in a simple, ethical and compliant way for increased collaboration and improved data-driven decisions. That’s what we stand for and have been doing over the last 15 years.

Bob Nieme
CEO & Founder Datastreams

Perks & Benefits

  • The chance to make a change
  • A great salary
  • A very attractive bonus structure
  • Freedom & Flexbility
  • Laptop on the house
  • And a phone as well!
  • Company car
  • Pension at Zwitserleven
  • Chance to receive equity

Partners and Customers

Solving data issues - together

At Datastreams, we work with our partners and customers on efficient data operations and create more value from trusted data collaborations. To become aware of what is possible and what a collaboration with Datastreams could mean, we are happy to share some of our knowledge and experiences in our customer success stories. Read more about how our data driven solutions are being used within different industries and what value these data-driven collaborations created.

Where to find us

Datastreams HQ

H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 123, 1096 AM, Amsterdam

Note: our second location is located in Den Bosch.